• A Robust Tree Risk Assessment Process
  • Designed for Arboricultural Consultants
  • GPS Tree Positional Plotting
  • Tree Risk Assessment – Speech to Text
  • Export to DXF or create scale PDF Site Plans
  • Convert Tree Risk Assessment Data into Preformatted Spreadsheets
  • Secure & Faster Management with an Editable Database.
Mapscape TRA - Overview

Mapscape includes the next generation tree risk assessment system, that incorporates a user-friendly tree risk management database with scheduled calendar re-inspection date reminders.

Today’s tree management technology offers a robust and commercially effective way to assess and manage trees using a straightforward and easy-to-use tree condition assessment and tree risk management process.

A Robust Tree Risk Assessment Process

This tree condition assessment process is based around producing a factual account of a trees condition. It does use numerical values or score ratings.

This fact-based tree risk assessment approach supports the tree surveyor, in being able to make sensible, safety based and informed tree work decisions as part of a robust tree management system that aims to prevent the unjustified felling of trees.

Where the tree surveyor identifies, standalone or complex tree defects or disorders, such as internal tree cavity conditions or patterns of branch canopy dieback, that require further investigation, this is captured as a tap screen reference.

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Tree Positional Plotting using GPS

Mapscape provides high-performance tree survey software toolset with pioneering GPS / GNSS dual frequency functionality for plotting trees positions down to sub-metre accuracy.

As you move around the site, the fast GPS tracking shows your site positional point in a colour coded traffic light system, that represents accuracy and is optimised for the latest generation of GPS mobile phones.

Just tap the screen to create the tree position and call up the tree survey data collection user interface.

Mapscape is configured to the GB Ordnance Survey 6-digit system to bring you accurate georeferenced mapping, there is no distortion as Mapscape is configured to the curve of the earth.

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Voice Recognition Compatible

If you really want to speed things up; Mapscape comes with the option of using ‘Dragon Home, Speech to Text’ recognition software. Simply talk in your tree condition and risk site observations and watch your words appear on the screen, its 3x faster than typing and 99% accurate.

You can upgrade Dragon and create your own custom voice activated selection of tree recommendations or tree surgery works templates, this is more effective than the limitations of creating and configuring dropdown lists.

Can be used to quickly capture tree owners comments, historical data and site information to refer to back in the office as a reference aid.

Using the optional Mapscape Voice recognition; you can walk around the tree and record all your tree assessment information straight to text with up to 4000 characters per tree. That is about a page of A4 and you don’t have to retype it as Mapscape places it directly into the spreadsheet for you, saving you hours of time.

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A Time Saving TRA to Spreadsheet Converter

When you collected on-site all your tree risk assessment information, to save you time and remove the need to type everything out again on spreadsheet, you simply export your tree survey data as a .csv file, and copy paste it into a preformatted tree risk assessment spreadsheet and all your data is placed in the correct cell for you, saving you hours of time.

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TRA Legal Considerations

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that: “for trees in a frequently visited zone, a system for periodic, proactive checks is appropriate”. This needs to be weighed up against the amenity, ecological, environmental and social benefits that trees provide.

In response to this, Mapscape includes in its tree condition assessment system a simple to use Climatic value tool to represent individual trees merit in this respect.

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Works at Speed

Using a step-by-step tree condition assessment process, Mapcape enables the tree surveyor to quickly record:

• Site address, date of survey, job number and tree number
• Tree height, spatial meaurements and dimensions
• Identifiable structural weaknesses, defects and disorders
• Any other structural or surrounding tree health and risk issues

The tree condition assessment process guides the tree surveyor to carefully examine all aspects of the tree, to make an informed decision on the trees condition.

You can re-schedule a tree survey re-inspection date, recommended any further investigation works and assign a tree works category to carry out tree surgery and recommended related other works to reduce or minimise any identified risks that are balanced against the climatic value of the tree.

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Designed for Arboricultural Surveyors

As you proceed through the tree condition assessment process, your observations for each tree are quickly recorded into the user interface, and instantly appear in the tree condition summary window as a numerically referenced editable tree condition record of assessment that are securely saved on the server.

Mapscape is a powerful tree survey mapping and data capture system, installed on your device designed to work at surveying speed.

There are no sub-menus to configure, Mapscape is ready when you are.

Mapscape tree condition and tree risk assessment system is designed by the Urban Forestry Group and has been successfully commercially tested over 12-years with a 100% success rate.

It is now a pioneering state-of-the-art accurate digital mapping software, that is developed in partnership with GiS Services for provide arboricultural technology for the requirements of today’s climatic tree management.

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Colour Coded Tree Works Categories

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Based on the height of the surveyed tree and centered on the tree trunk, the topple zone is display on the tree risk assessment site plan as a light brown circle.

It is a calculated from the height of the tree, plus a % of the tree height, that represents the tree on collapse, or pushed over by the bending power of the wind, as trees do not generally fall on a hinge. The topple zone as displayed site plan digital mapping represents the trees possible falling distance extents.

On completion of your tree risk assessment and by clicking on the Export Data button, your tree risk assessment site plan is produced, it is colour coded to the tree works category and includes the tree topple zone.

The topple zone can be used to evaluate the surrounding infrastructure and use around the tree, in relation to any identified risks to persons and property and provides a tree risk assessment management system for any required tree surgery, further investigation or other works and re-schedule re-inspection dates.


Produces PDF Site Plans

Mapscape will render on-screen your completed tree risk assessment site plan represented by:

  • Tree works category
  • Colour coded trunks
  • Tree canopies
  • Tree topple zone

This takes about 10 seconds.

You can export your completed tree risk assessment as a .DXF to complete into a CAD program such as AutoCAD lite, while you head off to the next tree survey.

There is also to option of converting your tree risk assessment direct to a scaled PDF site plan. where you can include your own business logo (Image).

The print direct to PDF site plan function offers ISO Standard: A3, A2 or A1 papersizes and takes around 10 seconds to produce.

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An Arboricultural Toolset

There are many more helpful features and specialised toolsets in mapscape such as a measuring tool, an calculate area function in m2, plot hedges and exporting site plans in Keyhole Markup Language (KML) developed for use with Google Earth.

Let Technology Turn Time into a Better Climatic Tree Management System, backed up with customer support every step of the way.

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Automated Tree Management

Each site and each individual tree are easily accessible and editable from the in-built tree survey database.

All your tree surveys can be searched for quickly by postcode and there is no limit as to how many sites, or trees you can hold on the database.

The database calendar in advance reminds you of re-inspection dates, to allow time to arrange with the site owner the next site visit and forms part of a robust easy to manage automated tree management system.

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