Used by Arboriculturalist’s and tree management teams, who need a effective software system that performs under time pressure and makes tree management an easier, cost effective and smoother process.

  • Can you email your colleague a site plan that they can instantly use on their Tablet when they get to site?
  • Do you have an easy-to-use fully editable tree management database for all your sites and tree survey information in one place with a back up?
  • How effective is your tree management re-inspection date reminder system?
  • Does your administration system include an instant site post code search, that illustrates on-screen all of your sites, to effectively discuss incoming site enquires over the phone?

Would you like to use a tree management software that includes all these functions and is available today?

If yes, we would like to talk with you and ask what additional operational tree management tools do you need the most?

As Mapscape digital technologies evolve and driving efficiency savings, we are actively welcoming your tree management requirements including discussions on how Mapscape can improve your Arboricultural tendering process.

Specialised Tree Management Tools

The following tree management software information highlights some of Mapscape tree management tools, how these tools work, why they were developed and the benefits to you your daily tree management needs.

Update 30th June 21 – We have today tested out a more advanced Stylus  that comes with a magnet for quick attachment and frees you up from the lanyard. 

The model we tried cost £45.00 and and includes programable command buttons and works very effectively using the Mapscape toolsets.

Whilst this Stylus is till is being tested, so far it works very well is a very worthwhile add on, offering greater precision when setting out BS 5837 Tree Protection Fencing layouts, and also for drawing in vector lines to represent site features, such as service runs to export as DXF.