Tree Management

Mapscape - Tree Condition Assessment

The Ultimate – Tree Management System

Flexible and Fast

Comprising of 2 integrated modules, that provide a flexible and cost efficient way to undertake Tree Condition Assessments, that include the optional impact the tree would have on surrounding infrastructure within its Target Zone (Tree Height + 4%)

Use digital maps to plot Tree positions on site, using your Mobile device GPS, or from shared site plans using AutoCAD or imported direct in a selection of compatible formats that include an optional Ordnance Survey MasterMap and Bluesky Aerial data streaming service.

Make it Happen on your Mobile

Work on Android and iOS Smartphones and Tablets. Record Tree Survey data efficiently using a selection of of digital maps, including OS Street Map, and enjoy using advanced webforms to record tree measurements and features.

Digital Maps with Offline Mode

Works in all areas of No or Weak 4G signal, by taking your map area offline prior to the site visit, collect your Tree Survey data and then simply synchronise your Tree Survey data to your Cloud storage to appear on your Desktop PC.

Let Automation Produce your Spreadsheets

Mapscape transfers all your Tree Survey data directly into editable spreadsheets, including site photographs and placing everything in the right cell for you. You can if required export this data as CSV or GeoJASON.

Use Voice Typing for Better Results

Walk around the Tree and simply talk in your Observations and Recommendations that are converted to editable text with punctuation. Pre-set your own personalised Frequent Phrases to select, to produce the level of Tree Survey detail required for each Tree Survey site visit.

Sign off Works

Working on it…

An Aid to Carbon Reduction Planning

Mapscape automatically calculates the estimated Carbon Storage for the Trees, Groups of Trees and Hedges, (Trunks only), that is measured in carbon tonnes, with the values automatically presented in project spreadsheet and projected as a timeline forecast to 2050 Net Zero. To find out more Click Here

Mapscape -Tree Management System