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Ordnance Survey Investigation

June 22 – With assistance from the Geovation Mentorship Programme, communications are underway with the Ordnance Survey (OS) business team to investigate use of OS premium products, including pricing and licensing to be incorporated with the Mapscape GIS tree surveying software.
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Starting the IT redesign process

July 21 – April 22 The IT infrastructure and software redesign process has successfully been initiated and takes in account all the concept testing, market research, security considerations and market experience learned to date that is documented, assessed using a Gant chart developed and kept up to date by our
4 Benefits of Tree Risk Assessment

GIS and Cloud Technology Evaluation

May 22 A high level evaluation of GIS and Cloud technologies provide competing options for security, compatibility, programming, ease of use and cost. This evaluation procedure incorporates the tree surveying business and organisational functions of preferred operating systems, hardware device, team collaboration, scalability, text and image storage, file formats, ease
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Successful period of teamwork planning

August 22 As a successful and detailed period of teamwork planning, the result using a ‘Design first then Build’ approach has now evolved to a rapid phase of software development that is now in progress. This will in the weeks ahead, produce a working Mapscape Ignite Lt prototype for commercial
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The AGILE Solution

July 22 – The IT infrastructure and software redesign process started in April 22 is complete and has successfully identified a new and exciting tree surveying software AGILE solution. The end user design aims for simplification, tree survey team collaboration and device flexibility have been met, and this solution is