Onboarding and Technical Support

1. Introduction:

1.1 Welcome to the Mapscape Onboarding and Technical Support page.

1.2 Throughout your subscription Mapscape aims to provide a seamless and optimised software experience with a low technical support requirement.

1.3  A selection of ‘How To’ videos are being developed and are accessible from: https://mapscape-userguide.co.uk/ 

 2. Onboarding:

2.1 As part of your purchase, Mapscape provides the following initial Video Call Onboarding sessions to help get you and your team started.

Included Onboarding –

1. Micro Business comprising of 2 users receive 2.5 hours of onboarding.

2. Medium Businesses comprising of 5 users receive 4 hours of onboarding.

3. Large Businesses comprising of 10 users receive 6 hours of onboarding.

2.2 Onboarding is undertaken at a convenient time within 30 days following the purchase of selected Modules.

2.3 The Onboarding sessions cannot be recorded and or distributed in any way. Participants are encouraged to make notes for future reference.

3. Optional Support: 

3.1 Beyond the 30-day included onboarding, Mapscape provides optional support based on a rate of £240 per 4-hour period which includes telephone, email and video call support up to the limit of the 4-hour period.

3.2 Optional support is invoiced for in advance, cannot be carried over to new subscriptions and no refunds are available

3.3 If you wish to purchase optional support, please email your sessions requirements to admin@mapscape.co.uk please state whether you require a Quotation or an Invoice.

3.4 On receipt of payment, Mapscape will contact you to arrange a convenient time.

3.5 Onboarding sessions can be booked between the hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm Mon – Fri (Excluding Bank Holidays) as a continuous session.

3.6 Onboarding is measured in blocks of 5 minutes. That are recoded by date, time and brief description.

5. Telephone Support:

5.1 Is available by phoning: 01244 630808 during the hours of 9.00am5.00pm (Monday to Friday, excluding Bank and Public Holidays).

5.2 If the call goes to the answering machine, please leave your name, contact details and a brief message, Mapscape will contact you as soon as possible. Please speak slowly and clearly.

5.3 Before telephoning the support number, please ensure you are situated safely and where possible, with a strong 4G signal on the Mapscape Mobile App and/or an internet connection on the Mapscape Desktop App.

6. Email Support:

6.2 For email support, we recommend the Client includes screenshots and provides a detailed description of the question(s) This will enable our support team to answer your question as quickly as possible.

6.3 Email your support question to support@mapscape.co.uk – where we will acknowledge your message and endeavour to answer your question as soon as reasonably possible.

7. Video Support:

7.1 To Book a Video call you can either email or phone the office to arrange a date and time, where upon, we will send you a Zoom (Default) or Teams invite.

8. Limitations:

8.1 Optional Support does not include anything not relating to your use of the Mapscape software.

8.2 For the avoidance of doubt, Optional Support does not include support in connection with:

  • Use of AutoCAD or technical questions involving the use or configuration of DWG or DXF site plans.
  • Use of Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems.
  • Any other considered non-Mapscape-related issue at the sole discretion of the Mapscape Technical Support agent (including any other software, hardware, server, or 4G connectivity issues).
  • Connecting 3rd party GPS devices via Bluetooth.

8.3 We will notify you when your onboarding has approximately 30 mins remaining.

9. Before contacting Optional Support:

8.1 Before Purchasing optional support, we first recommend:

Visit the Mapscape https://mapscape-userguide.co.uk/ 

9. General:

9.1 When telephoning Optional Support, please ensure you are within the UK and your number is visible.

9.2 As part of our security, we do answer withheld numbers, international or unrecognisable or numbers not associated with a named subscriber to Mapscape services.

9.3 Mapscape Optional Support does not reply to voice text and/or text messages, including What’s App or other social media messaging services.

9.4 Optional Support does not and will not accept or tolerate any aggressive or argumentative type behaviour.

9.5 If, at any point, in their sole discretion, the Mapscape support agent, the conversation becomes aggressive or argumentative, Mapscape reserves the right to end the call without notice.

9.6 Any further incident may result in optional support being removed for the remainder of the subscription.

9.7 If, at any point, either as the customer or the named user/s change the telephone number or email address you registered with, you must email Mapscape at support@mapscape.co.uk with the new details.

9.8 Optional Support may be reduced for reasons beyond our control but every reasonable effort will be made to reinstate and maintain the service as quickly as possible.

9.9 If for whatever reason we are unable to answer your support question, we may need to investigate the matter and will get back to you as soon as an answer is available. This may involve contacting ESRI or our development team, where we are unable to provide an exact timeframe for their answer and which may include the Client providing additional information if requested.

9.10 Where possible and to speed up the support process please send a screenshot (s) with a description of the issue by email for us to analyse.

9.11 Where necessary, we will send a Zoom invite request and ask that you share your screen and to explain the technical support issue.

9.12 We reverse from time to time the right to alter these technical support provisions as the software develops.

Updated: 30th April 2024