A Tree Risk Decision Mechanism

Mapscape comes with a built-in method of tree risk assessment, that enables the user to complete tree condition and tree risk assessments using a straightforward and easy to use on-screen process.

This quick to operate tree tap-screen risk assessment process, records visible tree defects and disorders that appear in the survey summary window, that forms the basis of your overall tree risk assessment, with a survey comments window for any tree surgery and site recommendations.

One click produces on-screen a scaled visual impression of tree position, dimensions, category rating and tree risk zone ready to export as a tree condition site plan and tree risk assessment.

The height of the tree plus a tree topple factor based on the tree height, is displayed on the map window as a hatched area and represents the ‘tree risk zone’ to assist in the tree risk assessment process.

The tree risk assessment or condition process is designed to look at all aspects of the trees structure and enables the tree surveyor to make an informed decision of the tree condition and associated risk, balanced in account of the climatic value of the tree.

Each of the above 9-headings contains a selection of pre-formatted dropdowns, where a checkbox selection is only required, if a tree defect, disorder or site issue is identified.

This tree condition assessment and process of evaluating tree risk to persons and property is recorded into an easy to access tree risk database as an effective tree management framework, with easy to access administration site search options for: tree surveyors, property developers, tree owners, organisations, local government and estate managers who want to carry out review of trees and who require an effective, proactive and robust tree management system.

Use your voice to speed up recording tree survey information.

Use your keypad or inbuilt device handwriting tool to record in your preliminary tree risk observations and recommendations to reduce risk.

To speed thing up; Mapscape is configured to work with Dragon Home speech to text recognition software, including hands free, Bluetooth headsets or USB radio UHF clip-on microphones, for faster results and a better use of business time.

Using this system, you can walk around the tree and record straight to text, your tree assessment and tree work recommendations with up to 4000 characters per tree, which is approximately a page of A4 per tree.

Applying QGIS technology as a tree risk decision-making strategy.

The tree condition data you collect for each tree instantly appears in the survey summary on-screen window numerically referenced, so when you make your written and or dictated tree assessment, you have got all the information need to refer you.

[RFI] =Requires Further Investigation: is for where the tree surveyor identifies unknown, or complex tree defects or tree disorders either as standalone issue, or in combination, that requires further investigation as part of robust and defendable process for removing or reducing risk as part of a tree risk management strategy.

Click on save and your tree risk assessment is securely stored on the Cloud. with an optional back-up to your local device.

Each recorded tree risk assessment is quickly accessible and is easily editable from the in-built tree survey management database.

All your tree surveys can be searched for by postcode for quick reference, and there is no limit as to how many site address or surveyed trees you can hold on the Mapscape Cloud database.

The one click ‘Export Risk Data’ function triggers your tree risk assessment site information ready to be imported into a preformatted Excel spreadsheet, that places all the tree survey information into the correct column, row and cell, saving both you and your business hours of time.

If you do not have access to a CAD drawing package; Mapscape will convert your completed tree risk assessment site plan into a PDF drawing template that includes:

  • Site address
  • Client details
  • Scale bar
  • Drawing reference number
  • Revision number
  • Drawing Title

To ISO standard: A3, A1 & AO papersizes ready to print, save on file or email.

Practical and professional with a minimal learning curve.

An easy-to-follow set up process enables instant use of the software.

Or approach is to reduce the learning curve, by including an on-screen step by step navigation system with checkpoint clickable options to remind you what to do next and to Save or Exit.

Site information, tree survey measurements are quickly recorded by using pre-configured tap screen dropdowns and using the keypad, tap in the tree heights, trunk diameters, canopy spreads and category ratings, it is that simple.

All your Tree Survey tools in one place.

Mapscape will auto-calculate the BS 5837 tree root protection areas and the tree risk zones for tree condition assessments to scale, that you can visualise on the screen before exporting or printing as a site plan.

You can quickly create bookmarks of all your tree survey site address and just double click to return to where you left off.

Your completed tree survey site plans are saved into easy to navigate folders, for PDF print, and / or DXF export; with your cross-referenced tree survey information ready to paste into pre-configured Excel spreadsheets that sets everything in the right place for you, convert to PDF and email to customers or colleagues, saving both you and your business hours of work.

Designed for Business Growth.

A single user license enables use of Mapscape tree survey software on 3-devices, including an appointed user, if working with a sub-contractor. Tree survey data is easily exported in a selection useful formats and is sharable between the 3-devices to enable tree survey teams to maximise the software functions available, designed to increase and jumpstart business productivity.

Training videos are built in the software and stored on your local drive for quick access using the on-screen help button, so you can refresh your memory of the process you wish to undertake on site, without using your 4g data plan.

A complete GIS Georeferenced Tree Survey Mapping Platform.

Mapscape makes converting and importing a georeferenced tree survey site plan a simple process, that is achievable in minutes, using a DWG to DXF file convertor.

Just drag and drop your converted DXF tree survey site plan into the Mapscape window and it will snap exactly to its Ordnance Survey 6-digit ground position.

Ordnance Survey topographical data built in

Mapscape is configured to shape of the earth and will accept any size georeferenced DXF site plan, there is no distortion, and comes Ordnance Survey topographical data built in.

You can also quickly export your tree survey site plan in KLM and GeoTiff formats.

The Sketchpad tools enable to draw on the Mapping window to create accurate scale tree survey site plans that you can export to DXF or print direct as PDF in ISO papersizes: A3. A1 & A0.

A powerful tree mapping application.

Drag and drop a georeferenced DXF site plan straight into the map window, that snaps to its exact ground position, click Zoom to Layer, and your entire site plan is now visible on-screen ready to start the BS 5837 survey process.

No georeferenced DXF site plan, no problem! Just tap on the screen the position of tree using the distance and angle measuring tools from a fixed reference point to plot a tree position.

You can easily and quickly connect your mobile phone or 3rd party GPS / GNSS receiver to Mapscape via Bluetooth, that places a positional point on-screen, to illustrate the tree position, that is coloured coded to clearly illustrate the positional point accuracy represented by a coloured circle with a crosshair where:

  • Magenta = < 500m positional accuracy
  • Red = < 1.5m positional accuracy
  • Grey = > 1.5m positional accuracy

Simply snap the cursor to the coloured coded crosshair to plot your tree position that initiates the survey data collection window.

Cuts out time-intensive, repetitive tree survey tasks.

Quickly record BS 5837 tree survey measurements general observations and preliminary arboricultural management recommendations.

Tap in your tree trunk diameters and the Mapscape built in auto calculation features calculates tree root protection area [RPA’s], trunks and tree canopies that you can visualise on the screen that are BS 5837 coloured coded.

You can reposition the RPA’s, using grips, that display the RPA area and adjusted area metres squared, with a +/- advice note as to exceeding the equivalent area.

Use your voice to rapidly speed up recording tree survey information.

Use your keypad or inbuilt device handwriting tool to record in your general comments and preliminary recommendations.

To speed thing up; Mapscape is configured to work with Dragon Home speech to text recognition software, simply speak and watch your words appear on the screen 3x faster than typing. Works with your Tablet / microphone, or via a hands-free Bluetooth headset, or a USB / UHF clip-on microphone as an effective option, with an Approx.10m range.

Using this system; you can walk around the tree and record tree survey information straight to text! with up to 4000 characters per tree, which is approximately a page of A4 and is an impressive and accuracy speedy, business improvement.

Faster project turnarounds to retain and grow your customer database.

Click on save and your BS 5837 Tree Survey, it is securely stored on the Cloud with an optional local device back-up.

Each tree survey record is quickly, easily accessible and editable from the in-built tree survey database.

All your tree surveys can be viewed by postcode search for quick reference and there is no limit as to how many sites or trees you can survey and hold on the database.

Using the tap screen export functions your BS 5837 tree survey site plan can be exported in a georeferenced DXF format with the tree survey information imported into a preformatted Excel spreadsheet that place all the tree survey information to the correct column, row and cell, saving you hours of time.