Mapscape Ignite Lt - Pricing vs Value

To our Valued Customers

Pricing will partly depend on how many Mobile and Desktop devices you require. We will provide a Set Price Structure with no hidden costs.

You will be able to judge for for yourself that you will ‘Get More Out Than You Put In’, and how much this will bring your business in both financial and operational return. To prove this, simply register your interest in a free trial.

With Mapscape Ignite Lt there’s no software to download on your Desktop PC, you just register for an access code, and login, with instructions for using the synchronised Tree Survey Mobile app, that will be available from the app store.

You’ll get exclusive access to:

  • Works on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Digital mapping and satellite imagery that’s printable.
  • Select the required number of Desktop and Mobile devices.
  • Built in GPS for tree plotting and Bluetooth connectivity to 3rd party GPS receivers.
  • Secure Cloud tree survey data storage of site plans, text and images.
  • Quickly produce tree survey Excel tree survey reports using automation.

Receive a pre-release 10% Discount on the first year, to help you get started.


Professional Grade & Student Grade Discounts

We are looking at providing Student Grade members of the Arboricultural Association with  the Mapscape software for Free whilst in full time education.

In addition we are also looking at a Discount for qualified business grade members of the Arboricultural Association (AA) for the initial 1-Years subscription.

Both discounts will require that you are over 18 years old, and in agreement with Mapscape User Licence Agreement.

Please always check the Mapscape System Requirements prior to registering for the forthcoming Free Trial, to ensure your device meets meets the operational requirements.