Selecting the right rugged Tablet

When selecting a Tablet for use out-on-site, there are a choice of 3-Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10.
  • Android or
  • Apple iOS.

Which Operating System is the best tree management software business option?

Being underpinned by the QGIS project, Mapscape runs on Windows 10 as a  Business operating system.

Lets look at beyond the initial cost of the tablet, and include how the combined operational value is brought in to the decision making process of purchasing a Tablet.

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Tree Surveying on Windows 10 using a ST301Y-TR GNSS Tablet available from Sumo Masters of Technology.

Tree Mapping Survey Software

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Using the ‘Speech to Text‘ function enables looking directly at the tree, whilst quickly recording in your assessment.

5-Key benefits of using a Windows 10 Tablet


  • Use of a Digital Stylus pen allows for smooth pin-point on-screen accuracy.
    Mapscape synchronises with your office PC running multiple programs at the same time.
  • Can be used by Arboricultural  surveying teams, co-ordinated by an administrative office PC.
  • Using Windows 10 is office friendly and integrates with a dual monitor, docking keyboard, mouse external hard drives, power packs and includes both USB and HDMI ports.
  • Includes a SQL database, that is a reliable business choice for easily managing large numbers of sites and trees.
  • Windows 10 tablet provides a high performance practical and efficient stable business platform.

A tree survey performance platform

We can report that Mapscape also runs smoothly on a Surface Go Pro, is visually very user friendly and links up quickly via Bluetooth to a GPS mobile phone for sub-metre accuracy, with fast tracking when plotting tree positions.

A Windows 10 tablet gives its users the benefit of completing tree surveying work with well thought out screen space. With the addition of being able to benefit from using a digital stylus pen for precision and ease of use when wearing gloves.

A Windows 10 laptop or a desktop PC is an ideal platform to test out Mapscape, before purchasing a Windows 10 Tablet.

Before choosing a Windows 10 Tablet, please always check the Mapscape system requirements 

Our technical team are looking at integration with Windows 11 nd this when available available will be documented on the above Mapscape system requirements page.

Mapscape on a Surface Go Pro

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A Surface Go Pro using a digital stylus pen.

Mapscape | Tree Management Software

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Recording the 4-tree N.E.S.W. canopy extents for a BS 5837 Tree Survey using  the Mapscape sliders

What’s coming next

Mapscape version-5 Ignite is in the pipeline and will bring new digital mapping options and operational improvements for ease-of-use and cost saving results with safe easily accessible tree survey data storage and tree management recall functions.

Our dedicated technical team would like to say thanks to all our customers, suppliers and Ordnance Survey partners, for talking with us about your operational pain points, that has successfully contributed in product development,

The new range of Ordnance Survey digital mapping products and aerial imagery will make the perfect backdrop for importing topographical surveys over, with the results of this innovation visible on this page, as soon as complete.


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