Selecting the Right Tablet for Tree Surveying

When selecting a Tablet for use out-on-site, you have a choice of 3-Operating Systems:

  1. Windows 10.
  2. Android or
  3. Apple iOS.

The questions are:

  1. Which Operating System is the best business option?
  2. What Tablet should I invest in as part of a modernising digital transformation strategy?

We tested Android and web based apps and looked at Apple.

Yes, you can get away with using a web based app for some things, but for the commercial reality of effective tree surveying, that will enable your business to grow and meet the needs of the digital marketplace, there was only going to be one option.

Mapscape as underpinned by the QGIS project runs on Windows 10 as the preferred Business operating system.

Depending the Tablet, we appreciate that on first look a Windows 10 Tablet might seem more expensive.

There are a number of important operational and cost benefits why Mapscape is programmed to run on Windows 10 ~ that outweigh the initial purchase cost of a tablet.

What ever tree surveying system you currently have in place system, then it is worthwhile checking this system against Mapscape Operational Value tick-list  (Second page Heading).

How do you think his level of operational value compares to your current system?

What we are trying to do is; encourage looking not just of the initial cost of the tablet, but how the combined operational value is brought in to the decision making process.

To expand on this tick-list a bit further:

Key Benefits for Using a Windows 10 Tablet

  • Use of a Stylus pen allows for smooth pin-point on-screen accuracy.
  • Smooth integration with your main office PC, with the performance to run multiple programs at the same time.
  • Smoothly synchronises multiple Tablets used by Arboricultural surveying teams.
  • Windows 10 is office friendly and integrates with a dual monitor, docking keyboard, mouse external hard drives, power packs and includes both USB and HDMI ports.
  • includes a SQL database that is the professional business choice choice for easily managing large numbers of sites and trees with losing the data, or it becoming lost or corrupt in folders.
  • Collectively a Windows 10 tablet provides a high performance practical and efficient stable business platform.

Windows 10 is a  performance platform

We can report that Mapscape runs smoothly on a Surface Go Pro, is visually very user friendly and links up quickly via Bluetooth to a GPS mobile phone for sub-metre accuracy with fast tracking when plotting tree positions.

A Windows 10 tablet gives its users the advantage of completing tree surveying work in a seamless and faster manner as the screen space is more extensive equal to that of a laptop.

To help with choosing a Tablet, please view Mapscape system requirements 

A Windows 10 laptop or a desktop PC is an ideal platform to test out Mapscape, before upgrading to include a Windows 10 Tablet.

GPS Positional plotting of Trees

Please note that consistent positional point accuracy for sub-metre plotting of trees in built up and rural locations is partly dependant a number of variables that include: the environment, the equipment being used to perform these positional calculations, tree canopy cover, the weather and line of sight.

Mapscape is designed to with the latest generation of GPS dual frequency mobile phones, that enable positional tree plotting down to sub-metre measurements.

This unique GPS system incorporates a colour coded on-screen visual display, a bit like traffic lights, so you can clearly see how accurate your tree positioning is.

Track and plot all your trees on-site and on the Mapscape mapping window, easily with a cost effective GPS mobile phone. We will let you work out the efficiency and cost saving calculations in relation to your Mapscape investment.

Mapscape has been tested by independent geospatial engineers and is described as: impressive.

What’s coming Next

We will be soon field testing a Windows 10 – ST301Y-TR GNSS Tablet as seen in the above image, that contains a built in high end GPS module, (Please see the Product Specification by clicking on the green button) and supplied with thanks by Sumo Technologies.

Our aim is to configure Mapscape to using this Windows 10 Tablet with GPS module that will theoretically enable when holding the Tablet enable your ground position to appear on the screen, as an all-in-one solution for fast and accurate tree positional plotting. Results to follow (ETA August 2021).

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