Carbon Accounting

For Trees, Groups of Trees and Hedges

Carbon accounting is an increasingly important tool – it enables businesses to assess and report their current emissions. It gives them the insight they need to reduce their environmental impact and aim for Net Zero.

The Carbon stored in newly planted Trees and Hedges can be used in the requirements of Carbon Reduction Planning – for Biodiversity and green spaces and represents a game-changing way of Carbon Accounting in achieving reliable, greener sustainability goals.


Delivering an Automated Carbon Solution

Mapscape automatically calculates the estimated Carbon Storage for the Trees, Groups of Trees, and Hedges (Trunks only within the UK and Ireland), measured in carbon tonnes, with the values automatically presented in a project spreadsheet and projected as a timeline forecast to 2050 Net Zero.

The carbon calculations will work at any scale project from a single tree to an entire city, county, or larger UK area.

The calculations are on actual site measurements of Trees and Hedges, combined with industry-standard methods of Forestry measurement, mathematical principles, and recognised databases to produce as accurate as possible Carbon Storage values in Trees and Hedges in line with current research.

Mapscape can provide you with an automated solution to undertake Carbon Audits for Trees and WoodlandsContact Us
Mapscape - Carbon Net Zero Projections

Align Financial Strategies with Environmental Objectives

Aligning financial strategies with carbon storage values in Trees and Hedges not only supports environmental objectives, but also brings tangible benefits to businesses through improved reputation, regulatory compliance, financial incentives, and enhanced stakeholder relationships.

These efforts contribute to long-term sustainability and resilience, positioning companies favourably in a market increasingly driven by environmental considerations.

June 24  – A new Phase 2 University of Liverpool Carbon Storage calculations collaboration project is initiated for New Tree Planting. Further details to follow.

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User Notes

Please note that the carbon calculation for Hedges is based on representing the Hedge length by a single line, as this determines its length, which is a component of the calculation.

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