• Seamlessly fits in to your BS 5837 Tree Survey workflow
  • Import your georeferenced DXF site plans straight from Local Disk (C)
  • Comes with O/S MasterMap Topographical Layer for accurate mapping
  • Quickly measure precise distances and areas on screen
  • Plot tree positions down to sub-metre accuracy with fast tracking
  • Export your scale site plan to DXF, PDF, KML or Geo-Tiff
  • Includes an admin-friendly BS 5837 Tree Survey fully editable database
BS 5837 Survey Software - Overview

Mapscape BS 5837 tree survey innovation software is the trusted choice of arboricultural consultants, civil engineers and landscape architects, who’s workflow improves using accurate and powerful GIS mapping technology to deliver professional tree survey documents, supported by an editable database.

A Powerful Tree Survey Mapping Application

Import your georeferenced DXF site plans straight in the mapping window, with no distortion ready to start your tree survey.

Once you have imported your site plan you can then quickly save it to the server, so if you need to revisit the tree survey site, you just double click on the saved site address and your site plan and tree survey data will re-appear on screen exactly where you left off.

Mapscape comes Ordnance Survey topographical data built in that provides an on-screen tree survey site plan mapping solution and where you can print out as a PDF site your completed tree survey in PDF format to scale with a key and all the drawing information.

Measure, Draw Vector Lines, Angles & Shapes

Mapscape comes with a powerful vector system of drawing on-screen measurable lines and angles that can be locked can create shapes and site plans including marking on boundaries, drawing to scale building outlines, electronically tracing over the OS Masterplan topographical data and adding site features such as entranceways, drop kerbs and service runs.

Re-shape Tree Root Protection Areas (RPA)

You can also adjust the initial circle of the tee root protection (RPA) area using vector grips that displays the modified RPA area in metres squared and advises you if you have exceeded the tolerances of the initial RPA.

The RPA calculations are live, instantaneous and giving the user immediate results with an ATTENTION’ comment. This is when the calculated RPA is exceeded by +/- one %.

Easy-to-use BS 5837 Precision Toolset

The minute the tree survey software opens you will see a an impressive GIS mapping window where your tree survey work takes place.

There are no menus to congifure as the entire program is designed by highly qualified and experienced tree surveyors and QGIS specicialist busisness expertise, who have together designed Mapscape to be completley user friendly and incredibly easy-to-use.

You will be able to quickly open site plans, add tree positions, record BS 5837 tree survey measurements, observations and recommendations and export this information in a selection of formats to produce the end result.

Plot Sub-metre Tree Survey Positions

You can connect a GPS device via Bluetooth to positionally plot tree positions that places a positional point on the mapping window down to sub-metre accuracy and is configured to work with the next generation of mobile phones with GPS chip sets.

We even coloured coded the GPS positional point, so you can see how accurate the GPS signal is. Just tap on the positional point to call up the BS 5837 tree survey data collection interface to survey the tree.

Quickly Record & Backup Tree Survey Data

Mapscape offers a technological step forward in arboricultural mapping capability to replace those paper site plans and note taking that can include:

• Pencil sharpener is back in the car
• It is too windy for paper
• Just split coffee over my site plan
• Cannot read the site plan text
• I’ve printed off a paper copy, but it is not to scale.
• I cannot read what I have written.
• My scale ruler does not have a 1:250 scale.

If you are already using a tree survey software; its important to make sure that you are using the right software for the work required.

Using a Tablet with Mapscape installed enables user friendly, intuitive, accurate and fast digital mapping, where your tree survey data is safely stored on the server, it cannot be lost or damaged and comes with a local drive one click back-up option.

Export Site Plan as DXF, PDF, KLM or GeoTIFF
Mapscape will render on-screen your completed BS 5837 tree survey represented by: colour coded trunks, tree canopies and tree root protection areas to scale and takes about 10 seconds.

You can export this BS 5837 tree survey as a .DXF to complete the CAD work, while you head off to the next tree survey.

There is also to option of converting your BS 5837 tree survey direct to a scaled PDF site plan where you can include your own business logo (Image).

The print direct to PDF site plan offers ISO Standard: A3, A2 or A1 papersizes and takes around 10 seconds.

Tree Survey Speech to Text

If you really want to speed things up; Mapscape comes with the option of using Dragon Home Speech to Text recognition software. Simply talk in your tree survey site observations and watch your words appear on the screen, its 3x faster than typing and 99% accurate.

Using this system; you can walk around the tree and record all your tree survey information straight to text with up to 4000 characters per tree. This is about a page of A4 and you do not have to retype it, as Mapscape places it directly into the spreadsheet for you, saving you hours of time.

Export to a Pre-format BS 5837 spreadsheet

When you collected on-site all your BS 5837 information, to save time and remove the need to for double typing, you simply export your tree survey data straight into a preformatted BS 5837 spreadsheet, saving you hours of time.

A Intuitive Arboricultural Software Toolset

There are many more helpful features and specialised toolsets in mapscape such as a measuring tool, an calculate area function in m2, plot hedges and exporting site plans in Keyhole Markup Language (KML) developed for use with Google Earth.

Let today’s technology turn time in to profit that is backed up with customer support every step of the way.

Admin Friendly Editable BS 5837 Database

Each site and each individual tree are easily accessible and editable from the in-built tree survey database.

All your tree surveys can be searched for quickly by postcode and there is no limit as to how many sites, or trees you can hold on the database.

The calendar reminders for re-inspection dates will remind you in advance the site for to you arrange with the site owner the next site visit and forms a robust easy tree database management system.