Digital Maps and Automation

  • Import your DXF site plan straight from the menu.
  • Snap to the Topographical tree trunk, tap screen to add a tree position.
  • Plot tree positions using a dual frequency GPS mobile phone.
  • Record tree survey measurements straight in the BS 5837 interface.
  • Speech to text enables recording as you walk around the tree.
  • Attach site images in a compressed format straight from your device.
  • Draw on and edit Tree Root Protection Areas (RPA).
  • Plots hedges.

A Link to Geospatial Mapping

With all all your BS 5837 Tree Survey data now recorded, click Save and its now saved on the Cloud server.

On the mapping window you can measure, lines, angles and shapes to modify a site plan or create your own on site.

Use the export BS 5837 Tree Survey site plan in DXF, KLM or GeoTIFF formats. Or, print to PDF to scale at an ISO Standard: A3, A2 or A1 papersize.

To find out more, visit our Improve Tree Management using Geospatial Data page