BS 5837 Tree Surveys

Data Collection Made Easy

Enables the efficient planning, collection, production and delivery of BS 5837 Tree Survey data, including photographs, using one collaborative digital mapping system with automated processes, saving you hours, if not days.

Connect Arboricultural teams on centralised mapping that enables multiple tree surveyors to work together on the same site, with the collected BS 5837 Tree Survey data appearing back in the office on your Desktop PC via the Cloud.

Have access to all your Bookmarked  BS 5837 Tree Survey on your Desktop and Mobile Phone/Tablet 24.7.

BS 5837 Arboricultural Collaboration

Managing Tree Survey Projects

All your BS 5837 Tree Surveys become visible on your Desktop PC, Mobile Phone, or Tablet via the Cloud for quick access.

Just click on the Project ID to bring up all the project details. Assign each new BS 5837 Tree Survey with a Project ID with a unique identifier.

Have your BS 5837 Tree Surveys on site to update customers, collaborate with Arboricultural teams and make searching for information, printing spreadsheets and site plans quick and easy to manage. 

Using centralised digital mapping has an immediate impact on your performance and that of your business.

BS 5837 Tree Survey Site Plan - Existing

GIS ↔ CAD Solutions

Mapscape links directly to AutoCAD to work in real-time for precise geolocation of drawings and editing of BS 5837 Tree Survey site plans.

For Arboricultural Consultants without access to AutoCAD, we provide access to CAD Pay-as-you-Go Drawing Services for meeting the requirements of BS 5837 Tree Survey site plans, opening new doors to your business.

Works with OS MasterMap Topographical Layer, Bluesky Aerial Imagery and National Tree Map.

BS 5837 Tree Survey Site Plan - Proposed

Voice Typing with Add Photos

Recording BS 5837 Tree Survey information and Photos for Trees, Groups of Trees Hedges and Stumps is made easy by simplified web forms that enable voice typing for detailed recording of tree survey conditions using your Mobile Phone or Tablet that links to your device camera.

Using Automation is Faster 

As soon as you save your BS 5837 text and images onsite, they on the Cloud and transferred to Desktop PC, where you click on Generate Report and all your information is transferred to a downloadable Spreadsheet for any editing and PDF conversion, saving you hours if not days.