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(Update: 15th Oct 21) Mapscape v5 is in the processes of programming and field testing an exciting new range of digital mapping products as part of its phased roll out program.

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As soon as available, you will be able to view Mapscape tree management software v5 on screen as live demo with a Q&A’s session.

You will be able to learn about:

  • Using the Mapscape software interface.
  • High detail digital mapping.
  • Importing & exporting DXF site plans.
  • Collecting tree survey data & producing, site plans & reports.
  • Editing, moving tree survey shapes.
  • GPS tree positional plotting.
  • Tree database management.

As we walk you through the MapscapeĀ  interface and its ease of use, we will focus on your specific tree survey and tree management needs and questions.


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