Mapscape represents a unique combination of highly qualified and experienced arboricultural, GiS and AutoCAD industry professionals, who in Sep 2019 identified the need for a more advanced system of accurately surveying trees more quickly than using traditional pen and paper methods and more effectively than other GiS tree mapping products on the market.

Mapscape wanted to develop a product that could would work for the demands of customers, organisations, requirements of local planning authorities, meet British Standards and could perform accurate calculations in working with geospatial data, topographical surveys, spreadsheets and technical drawing programs such as AutoCAD with a GPS function of accurately plotting tree positions.

‘This was an exciting challenge but one we’re pleased to say has now become reality.

Mapscape would like to thank the University of Chester Business Development Program via the Cheshire & Warrington Business Growth Programme who provided first-class business support.

The need for sub-metre positional accuracy for the plotting of trees, Mapscape sought assistance form the European Space Agency Business Applications Regional Ambassador (North West England & North Wales).

After an initial meeting Mapscape was advised to apply to the Astropreneurs Space Startup Accelerator’ that is partnered with the Science and Technology Facilities Council – STFC who turn space-related ideas into viable businesses. This resulted in a successful application and that is where Mapscape is today and with an eye for the future.

Mapscape is geospatially set up to work with the Ordnance Survey 6-digit georeferenced coordinate system of Great Britain.

Mapscape would like to thank our family and friends who with their support, interest, and patience, added their valuable ideas and enabled this project to be a success.