About Us

Tree Lifecycle Management

Mapscape provides leading-edge industry SaaS solutions that meet the day-to-day and strategic needs for tree surveying, tree planting and managing tree health at any scale, including Net Zero carbon reduction planning.

We are a UKRI Tree Management Creative Industries Tree Management Award-Winner with established ESRI and OS Licensed Partnerships.

We have made collecting and transferring information easier as a unique and seamless system as a tree lifecycle management system, that fosters team collaboration to produce measurable returns on investment.

Our Journey: Innovation, Excellence, and Commitment

Mapscape has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception in 2019. Founded by visionary entrepreneur David Winlo, our company began as a research project with a bold vision: to revolutionise how businesses collect site survey data to speed up project delivery times, using cutting-edge technology and a well-designed easy-to-use interface.

BS 5837 Software

David Winlo is an experienced Arborist with over 35 years of contracting and consultancy work in the private and public sector within the UK, USA and Germany. He holds a Bachelor’s Honours Degree in Arboriculture and Amenity Forestry from the University of Aberdeen.

Mapscape I.T. Manager

Darren Johnson (I.T. & Process Management background) was impressed with the Mapscape concept and joined the fold in August 2021. He has worked in the complete I.T. lifecycle for 29 years, servicing SMEs, national and international businesses.

Darren’s passion is in modern cloud technology, theatre, travel, historical culture, and exploring wilderness where Eureka moments can occur.

Our Growth and Achievements

Since our early days, Mapscape has grown into a respected leader in the Tree Management SaaS industry, serving private businesses and public organisation across the UK. Some of our key milestones include:

2022: Became an ESRI partner and where our High-level GIS Team successfully enabled the software to pass its technical sales authorisation at first attempt.

2023: Launched our Phase 1, BS 5837 (v2012) App which received widespread acclaim for its intuitive interface and powerful features.

2023: Won a UKRI Research and Innovation Award for Tree Management with Carbon Calculations.2024: Successfully completed the UKRI award within 6 months with flying colours going above and beyond what we said we would do.

2024: Formed a new collaboration partnership with the University of Liverpool to develop Carbon Calculations for Tree Planting Projects with Net Zero Projections.

Daresbury Sci Tech Building

Our Team

Behind the scenes is highly experienced team of people that is the driving force behind our success, every member of Mapscape is passionate about what we do and the impact we have on our customers. We foster a collaborative and inclusive workplace where creativity and new ideas thrive.

Looking Ahead

2024: Sees a move to the Daresbury Sci-Tech Centre where we are in discussions for taking on a part time business student.

We are constantly building new business connections to link up best-of-breed digital mapping technologies to make Tree Management SaaS where it should be, as an exciting place to be.