Tree risk assessments gauge the risks posed by trees to people and buildings, assessing their structural integrity, their position and size, as well as their overall health.

They are a critical element in urban forestry, and help to avoid possible damage or costs involved later down the line.

Eliminate Trees That Threaten Plant Life

Infected, diseased, or damaged trees can put plant life at risk. When trees are dying, they tend to attract pests, which can then spread to other trees and plant life when they can’t get the nutrients they need from the dying tree.

Infected trees can spread the diseases and pests they have to other trees, causing a wider problem for a site with many trees.

Root systems can overtake other types of plants, which again, threatens the wider site where there are lots of different types of trees and plants. Root systems tend to compete for water and nutrients, but when the competition is too stiff (such as in an area where there are too many plants or trees) nothing will survive. According to Purdue, eliminating one or two trees can benefit the entire site.

Help Buyers Make Decisions

Buyers of properties can often be put off when the area around the house looks unkempt. Their thinking being that if the yard is treated that way, how has your property been treated? By ensuring that the trees around your property or site are taken care of properly, by a trained professional, they will know you take care of your trees and will be more positive towards the overall property.

It would be a silly reason to lose a property sale because of tree neglecting, so ensuring that you keep up with tree maintenance is a great way of preventing this from happening.

Move Forward with Landscaping Plans

Nobody wants to plan a site around trees just for them to die within the next couple years. Tree risk assessment is integral to landscaping plans, allowing you to find out if a tree will need to be removed, helping to plan out tree growth, as well as getting the scope of the cost of a project.

Performing a tree risk assessment before the project will help to paint a clearer picture of the necessary expenses attached to the site. If tree removal and planting is necessary then having the costs of that factored into your budget before beginning with the project is a wise move.

Ensuring Quality Care of Trees

Getting a professional tree risk assessment from arborists gives you many benefits and helps you to move forward with your plans, keep risks low and ensure the site remains safe and healthy.

Professional tree risk assessments help to get honest, accurate readings of your trees, manage the trees on your property to reduce risks, as well as gaining insight on the potential future risks. Professional arborists can also cable the tree so that it doesn’t become a problem again; but this is a process that should only be handled by professionals.


Tree risk assessments are a vital part of urban forestry and landscape design and should be treated as such. It is important to get any tree risk assessments performed by a trained professional.

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