The arboriculture industry has seen an influx of technologies that have helped to modernize business processes. Performing tree surveys and plotting data while on the move is just one of the ways that technology can help you to improve the efficiency of arboriculture.

Ruggedised tablets offer high durability and convenience within the workplace, and can be used to assist with your tree surveying.

What is a Rugged Tablet?

A rugged tablet is a tablet device that is designed to withstand harsh conditions and environments. The external housing structure, as well as the internal components and cooling arrangements, are all designed structurally to be able to handle strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, and wet or dusty conditions.

Ruggedised tablets are typically used in agriculture, arboriculture, manufacturing, retail, and the military, just to name a few industries.

Tablets can either be semi-rugged or fully-rugged. If they are semi-rugged, they typically have a protective case and a rain-resistant body. If they are fully rugged, they are engineered inside and out to resist drops, shocks, and vibrations, while also being dust-proof and waterproof.

These tablets usually have a solid-state hard drive and no moving parts. Because tablets do not usually require a fan, their dust and water resistance is better than a laptop or PC would be.

Why Should You Use a Rugged Tablet?

Using a tablet while performing a tree survey saves time, plain and simple. It used to be that tree surveyors would survey everything by hand, which would make jobs take longer and make them more complicated.

Using a rugged tablet with Mapscape installed would ensure that you are able to complete tree surveys easily, and be able to explain to a client with visual examples the courses of action you recommend. Just like there are many reasons to use a GIS, there are many reasons to use a rugged tablet. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Key Benefits of Using a Rugged Tablet

  • The use of a Stylus pen allows for smooth pin-point on-screen accuracy.
  • Rugged tablets have only a 4 % failure rate, compared to an 18 % failure rate for traditional tablets.
  • Mobility, you can take your data with you in the field or on the road, not just at the office.
  • Built-in features such as card feeders and multi-step authentication software allow you to set access only to authorized personnel, with differing levels of clearance.
  • Rugged tablets have high-performance processing.
  • Extensive screen size allows you to read the data on-screen with ease.
  • Non-glare screens that keep your tablet screen readable when out on the field on a sunny day.
  • Temperature resistance for when you’re out on the field in the blazing summer or the freezing winter.
  • 3G and 4G connection modules, allowing you to access your data network on the go.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, granting you hands-free operation to your network to improve productivity and logistics.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems that share the operating system your rugged tablet uses, allowing you to share, transmit, store, and view data in familiar frameworks.

Which Rugged Tablet Should You Buy?

Now you know how much your business would benefit from using a ruggedised tablet, the only question left is which rugged tablet you should buy.

We recommend a Windows 10 tablet for greater functionality with Mapscape. We are currently testing the ST301Y-TR GNSS tablet.

Modernizing Your Business With Rugged Tablets

Using rugged tablets are a shortcut to modernizing your business and improving the efficiency of your business processes when out in the field. They offer many benefits and are built to be durable so that you don’t end up paying further costs later.

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