Mapscape StudentsArboricultural students, you are more important than ever – and you need access to the best tools and resources.

Tools and resources that are up-to-date, accessible, and easy to use will facilitate your growth.

The benefits of managing trees are huge, and we understand that it is important that the Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry industry encourages students by making learning as practical and as up to date as possible. That is why Mapscape is working with trade associations to ensure that full time students get Free access to Mapscape software.

Introducing…Mapscape Fee for Full Time Students

If you are a full-time education student of a relevant program of study (E.g. Student Grade members of the Arboricultural Association), you are entitled to student license of our software for the whole duration of your studies!

For more information on this, you can read Mapscape End User license agreement EULA at section 4.

Educational Mapscape Benefits

Using a QGIS based program, offers Arboricultural Students many benefits to your studies, as you are most likely to be dedicated to your education and ambition, we are sure you can think of some benefits Mapscape would provide you with your course, but here is some we think are worth mentioning –

High Speed Data Processing

 The use of Mapscape software can help improve your abilities to work using high speed data processing tools that give the skills to offer employers something of real value.

In Arboriculture, accurate tree survey data is important, using Mapscape throughout your studies will help you to develop and refine your abilities putting together an impressive digital portfolio, a bit like a value proposition.

These digital tree management skills will help you find quick solutions, that will be invaluable once your course is over and you are searching for employment in what can be a turbulent and competitive market where practical skills count for a lot.

 Promotion of Tree Database Management

In the Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry industry, where a lot of data is recorded and stored, having the advantage to be proficient in the use tree database management will be a real eye opener for your employer.

Using a QGIS digital mapping program such as Mapscape, will promote your ability to manage tree survey data and text.

Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry are looking for modern systems with efficiency savings. They might not always realize it and with your Mapscape skills, you can quickly demonstrate the value to businesses and organizations the value of digital tree management, as you brought it with you on your Tablet, right.

The Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry Age

We are in what is known as the ‘Information Age’.

Information is key to everything and knowing how to use intuitive tree survey toolsets that improve efficiency, processing, and high-speed transfer of Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry information that is measurable in seconds, will make you very employable once finishing up with your program of study.

Improvement of Linguistic Intelligence

Mapscape teaches you to develop your ability to read and use visible digital mapping symbols as well as to being able to rapidly transfer data into spreadsheet formats.

Being able to communicate through multiple formats such as KML, DXF & GeoTiff, is a very underrated skill.

It is important not to underestimate the employability of someone who can effectively communicate in all these formats, and Mapscape helps with this.

Digital Mapping Literacy

Job interview question: Can you explain what georeferencing means and what experience do you have in this field? There is some important research for you to Google and get up to seed with.

Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry need people who can work with digital maps and ideally a technical drawing program such as AutoCAD. (More homework).

Mapscape as a leading industry edge software will readily improve your ability to visualize spatial patterns and the relationships between trees and the built environment. This is an important Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry skill that will of value with employability and your confidence when finding a job post-study.

You can also check out our other blog post on the 5 Reasons to use a GIS.


Using Mapscape is not just a nice thing to have, it is an important Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry business decision making platform, an all-in-one office, your future maybe.

Employers want to talk to someone who has insider knowledge of Mapscape software and can quickly solve their unique problems.

Congratulations you made it to the next important step which check out the Mapscape system requirements page.

Download on your device a Mapscape 30-Day Free Trial, watch the training videos, get ahead of the game.

Fill in your Arboricultural Association number at the Mapscape checkout and make the most of the Free offer.

Feel free to reach out to us on, or via our phone number 01244 630808 – we are here to help.

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