Mapscape Ignite Lt

Ultramodern Tree Surveying Software

A next step in GIS mobile and desktop applications that deliver:


Secure, game changing, new, reliable, push button, fast… Tree Surveying Tools


tree management software
GIS Performance

Automates Tree Surveying – click on image to expand

Focused on BS 5837 Tree Surveys

Get single or multiuser access to ultramodern BS 5837 Tree Survey software on your Mobile device, underpinned with digital mapping and satellite imagery to quickly collect tree survey field data, including images, plot GPS tree positions, and that synchronises via the Cloud, to your office PC.

With no software to download, simply login to access your Mapscape Desktop application, with, site plan, tree protection features and tree report push button automation to produce your completed work with Cloud back up.

A release date for Mapscape Ignite Lt will appear on this page, when all build and testing procedures that are in progress are complete.

In the meantime, the new features are now being updated throughout this website, and you can follow the development progress, on the What Next section of the About Us page.




Excel Spreadsheet Compatible

When you recorded on site your BS 5837 Tree Survey site data, use the desktop Mapscape automation tool, to transfer your entire tree survey text and images straight from the Cloud, directly to your Excel spreadsheet with all the detail placed correctly in the corresponding cell ready for final editing.


Underpinned by Security 

Mapscape is designed with security at the top of our list.

As a Cloud based software, Mapscape satisfies  the compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency around the globe within the environments of:

  • Workflows and Data Transfer
  • Database Storage
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • Digital mapping
  • GIS technology

– this best of breed approach, provides the necessary reassurance that investment in Geo-spatial Tree Surveying technology, provides real value for money that meets your organisational data security requirements.


Ongoing Support

At Mapscape, we’re all about building lasting relationships, as in addition to providing tree surveying and tree management software, our tree team are here to know more about the tree surveying challenges that you face everyday, as your long-term GIS tree survey partner.

Tree Mapping Survey Software
Includes Photo Capture – click on image to expand

Accurate & Lightning Fast

Designed for on-site reliability, as an mobile and desktop application.

Talk in your Tree Survey

Speech to Text option to quickly
record detailed tree survey information.

GPS Tree Mapping

Use your mobile device GPS functionality for positional tree plotting.

Secure Tree Survey Data Storage

Hosted on a secure and scalable Cloud framework for multiple devices.