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✔ BS 5837 Tree Surveys.

✔ Tree Condition Surveys.

✔ Tree Management System.

✔ Digital Mapping.

Combines digital maps with Cloud databases to  manage Tree Survey Management needs, that synchronise Desktop and Mobile devices.


Quick and Accurate Solutions

Mapscape | Tree Management Software
Tree Survey Data Management

An All-in-One Tree Survey Solution

One of the core Mapscape principles is speeding up Tree Survey processes with a comprehensive set of digital Tree Management tools, that decrease workflow pressure and free up valuable business time.

Digital Maps Streamed to your Device

Manage your own digital tree survey site maps. Import DXF site plans with support manual georeferencing tools to position your site plan and export completed Tree Survey site plans in a selection of useful file formats.

Automated and customisable Tree Reports means you can select and edit the Tree Survey information required, and print direct to PDF in customisable formats, ready to email.

Get ready to experience the ultimate in tree surveying by Clicking Here to register your interest, and on release of Mapscape v-5 Ignite we will contact you with a get started link

Accelerate BS 5837 Tree Surveys

Tap the screen to create or snap to a tree position, select single or group of trees and record using a digital pen tree measurements and observations. Find out more.

Effective Tree Condition & Risk Assessment 

Follow a step-by-step process for identifying defects and disorders on trees, to enable detailing recommended courses of action as part of Tree Management system. Find out more.

Workplace Designed with On-screen Support

Mapscape has a low technical support requirement and is being continuously advanced by a  highly qualified team of: Server Engineer, GIS, Arboricultural and IT Project Management specialists, supported by Innovate Edge UK.

Simply follow the on-screen guide at the top of the screen and / or, click the Help button to access an easy-to-follow illustrated ‘navigational user guide’ that supports you 24/7.


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Tree Survey Summary Window
Straightforward tap screen data capture – click on image to expand

Accurate & Lightning Fast

Designed for reliable ease-of-use. Just download, install and its ready to use.

Talk in your Tree Survey

Unlock the power of your voice using
‘Speech to Text’ recognition technology.

GPS Tree Mapping

Configured to GPS / terrestrial mapping mobile phones for sub-metre tree plotting.

Secure Tree Survey Data Storage

Hosted on a server class Linux operating system at a UK data centre with encryption.