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Why Mapscape Improves Business

Established in 2019: Mapscape is a highly efficient tree management software, with a straightforward user interface allowing a unique combination of digital mapping, importing CAD drawings to immediately use with State-of-the-Art electronic tools that makes tree surveying quicker, more accurate and the ideal choice for today’s tree management technological marketplace.

Having instant access to reliable digital tree surveying equipment, enables being able to start work the minute you power up.

All your tree survey data is securely backed up on a dedicated external UK cloud server and available on-screen, ready to be worked on, when you need it 24/7.

Making the Right Digital Mapping Decision

To be a 100% sure you are investing in the best tree surveying software product available on the market, Mapscape offers you a 30-Day free trial.

✔ Mapscape produces BS 5837 Tree Survey site plans and rapidly generates cross-referenced BS 5837 Tree Survey spreadsheet reports, placing all your data in the correct spreadsheet cell.

✔ Provides a Tree Condition & Tree Assessment system that colour codes work into priorities on the printable site plan, and with reinspection date reminders, using the inbuilt easy-to-use tree management database.

✔ Mapscape GIS capabilities includes access to UK wide high detail Ordnance Survey Topographical Mastermap mapping together with aerial backdrop imagery.

Ideally suited for both businesses and public organisations looking to maximise their efficiency using today’s tree surveying and tree management technology.

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An Impressive Program with Highly Skilled Customer Support

Mapscape is underpinned by the powerful and renowned the world over QGIS project. From its humble field-testing outset in a muddy field, the Mapscape programming language has focused on tackling the commercial needs of both tree surveyors onsite and decision-making office based team environments.

A priority design aim is to allow tree surveyors tree management businesses and organisations to quickly learn how to use Mapscape with no or very little GIS training.

The Step-by-Step on-screen guides enable the user to quickly learn how to use the Layers and associated tree surveying tools, with a low technical support requirement.

Mapscape provides friendly and helpful technical assistance; whether you need some support getting started, synchronising multiple users, inputting historical data from paper plans, digital mapping questions, or bespoke GIS tree survey project management, our specialist technical team can meet your support needs.


Accurate & Lightning Fast

Designed for reliable ease-of-use. Just download, install and its ready to use.


Talk in your Tree Survey

Unlock the power of your voice using
‘Speech to Text’ recognition technology.


GPS Tree Mapping

Configured to GPS / terrestrial mapping mobile phones for sub-metre tree plotting.


Secure Tree Survey Data Storage

Hosted on a secure server that transfers thousands of bytes of data per second.

Use Mapscape Free for 30-Days

  • Self installs with no set-up and complicated menus.
  • Get started straight away.
  • No debit or credit card required.

Progress your Tree Management with QGIS Technology

The Mapscape program layers and tree surveying tools all work together as seen on the digital mapping window where you adjust the opacity according to site conditions and use the inbuilt speech to text recording system to make quick work of assessing tree condition.

Mapscape user interface is designed for practical use on site and in the office, to produce completed tree survey site plans and reports at speeds unachievable by human effort.

Makes easy work of directly importing DXF site plans, attaching geo-tagged photos using your Tablet camera, plotting precise tree positions and exporting site plans in a scaled PDF format.

If you have a question and or, would like to find out more about how Mapscape will add value to your business, then please contact us – we will be happy answer questions that you might have.

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Tree Management Software Features and Benefits

When Mapscape opens on your Tablet or office PC, it is ready to use immediately. There are no time consuming settings tabs. You can start working straight away.

As part of Mapscape robust cyber-security processes, all data is safely secured and backed-up on a dedicated high performance external UK-based cloud server.

Import your Georeferenced DXF site plan to snap to its ground position or, if your DXF site plan is not Georeferenced? You can position it manually.

Using your Tablet camera, select a point on the mapping window and attach a site photo. When you hover over that point, a popup of the photo appears on the screen.

Using a digital stylus pen offers precision for, quick navigation, recording tree survey and is the preferred option when using gloves in the cold weather.

Tap in the tree diameter values and Mapscape will auto-calculate the RPA on the screen. You can adjust the initial RPA circle precisely using grips.

The BS 5837 Tree Survey tool asks you would you like to plot a Single or a Group of trees. The Group function enables tree group locations and tree group editing.

Mapscape is optimised for use with dual frequency GPS mobile phones, that can produce the position of the tree on the mapping window to an accuracy of +/- 300mm.

Mapscape is designed with a low technical support requirement. A unique system of on-screen help popups guides you through the various processes.  

Mapscape includes a powerful Secure Query Language (SQL) editable database to manage all your tree survey data, with calendar reminders for tree re-inspections.

Mapscape comes with an inbuilt DWG to DXF convertor. This tool makes importing site plans into the Mapscape mapping window a quick process.

Mapscape produces BS 5837 and Tree Condition reports in seconds, with all the information placed into the appropriate cells and with colour coding.

Security Enhanced Data Protection

If you are a Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) you probably wish you had the luxury of a technical support team, and / or, more time to focus on IT development.

The good news for you is Mapscape works with a dedicated team of highly experienced technical IT consultants, programmers digital mapping specialists and Ordnance Survey partners, who are here to help with your IT requirements 365 days a year.

Mapscape is hosted at a purpose-built UK-based data centre, with enhanced security, connectivity, bandwidth, power and cooling systems in place, to run Mapscape at peak performance across a 4g network.

With full compliance for all major private and public sector standards, you can rest assured that your tree survey data is in the safest possible hands.

✔ Mapscape long-term growth is supported by Innovate Edge UK.


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