Digital Mapping Platform for Arboriculture,

Estate Management and Urban Forestry Projects.


Award-Winning Tree Management Software 2023.

Mapscape - GIS software

Delivering Arboricultural Solutions

An online GIS digital tree mapping system and data transfer system optimised for Mobile Devices.

See your business projects making measurable onsite and office completion time improvements.


Select the Tools you Need  

This Award winning Tree Management GIS system provides software tools for:

  • Tree Condition Assessments
  • Sign off Tree Works
  • Application for Tree Works
  • Arboricultural Survey for Mortgages
  • BS 5837 Tree Surveys
  • Tree Planting Projects
  • Project Cost Calculator

Includes an offline mode and where specified will have ‘Net Zero Carbon Dioxide‘ forecasting calculations.

Mapscape - Data Capture

Working Together on the Cloud

You, your arboricultural team and sub-contractors, have access to a shared digital mapping platform.

Enables multiple tree surveyors to work on the same site or project to efficiently coordinate resources.


A Start to Finish Innovation Cycle

Mapscape identifies Arboricultural opportunities, for innovative solutions. These include:

  • Fast digital mapping. 
  • Works with OS MasterMap Topography Layer, HD Aerial Imagery and Bluesky National Tree Map.
  • GIS ↔ AutoCAD solutions. 
  • Print PDF Site Plans.

Mapscape is price competitive and is helping B2B and Public Organisations successfully upgrade to the benefits of Cloud computing.

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Optimised for Android and iOS Mobile devices, with a selection of UK-based digital maps including OpenStreetMap and aerial imagery.

Comprehensive BS 5837 webform menu for plotting tree positions and recording tree survey data quickly using speech-to-text.

Flexibility with Tree Survey data exported with images directly to an Excel spreadsheet for you to edit and customise as required.



Need two hands for measuring, the Mobile App remembers your screen view.

Dictate in your Tree Survey

Speech to Text option to quickly
record detailed tree survey information.

GPS Tree Mapping

Use your Mobile phone GPS functionality for positional tree plotting.

Centralised Mapping

All your team have on-site access to centralised mapping for collaboration.
Sample OS MasterMap Topographical Layer Image provide by Europa Technologies