Precision Tree Survey Mapping Technology:


Upgrade and Future Proof your Arboricultural Business with Mapscape: Digital Mapping, Tree Survey & Report Generating Software.

GPS tree mapping and survey software

What is Mapscape

Mapscape is intuitive digital mapping, tree survey and tree management software, with GPS positional plotting and a built in fully editable database, with reinspection date reminders. to accurately and quickly collect tree survey data for:

  • Tree Condition Surveys
  • BS 5837 Tree Surveys
  • Tree Risk Assessments
  • Amenity Forest & Woodland Safety Inspections

Produces scale site plans and tree reports in seconds, saving you hours, if not days of time.

How does it Work

Mapscape is underpinned by the QGIS project to help shape the future of tree surveying using digital mapping as a powerful and reliable program interface.

Click to expand the interface image to see an example of Mapscape HD mapping quality, that combines background satellite mapping, OS Topography Layer and an imported OS MasterMap digital tile

The dedicated Arboricultural survey, measuring, GPS, import and export mapping, ‘tap-screen toolset buttons’, contain no sub-menus to configure and instead, include an easy-to-follow on-screen operation guide, that enables Mapscape to seamlessly slip into your workflow with a minimal learning curve.

tree management software

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tree risk assessment

Precision Tree Survey Mapping Technology

Mapscape tree survey toolset produces your completed BS 5837 tree survey and tree risk assessment on-screen in less than 10-secounds, ready to export to DXF or print to PDF.

  • Create site address bookmarks to instantly pick up where you left off when you return to site.
  • Draw a vector site plan directly on to the mapping window, adjust the tree root protection areas and draw in hedging layouts.
  • Contains a fully editable and easy to use tree management database, that provides re-inspection date reminders.

Mapscape enables fast digital mapping and tree survey data transfer over and independently of a 4G network for reliable on-site operational use and includes a one click Data Back-up system.


Accurate & Lightning Fast

Designed for reliable ease-of-use. Just download, install and its ready to use.


Talk in your Tree Survey

Unlock the power of your voice using
‘Speech to Text’ recognition technology.


GPS Tree Mapping

Enables dual frequency GPS & terrestrial mapping technology for sub-metre tree plotting.


Secure Tree Survey Data Storage

Hosted on a secure server that transfers thousands of bytes of data per second.

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Mapscape Customer Support is Here for You

After installing Mapscape on your device, you will have access to a selection of built-in learning videos, that by simply clicking on the Help button you can watch out on-site, and without using up your data plan. These learning videos provide walk throughs for all the Mapscape tree survey and mapping functions.

If you need on-site support, then we are here to help and provide: phone, email and screen share support options.

Mapscape is intuitive and designed to fit seamlessly slip into your workflow with a minimal learning curve to support you as your perfect GIS mapping and tree survey software business partner.

Tree Mapping Survey Software
tree management software

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GIS Tree Mapping and Tree Survey Technology 

By selecting Mapscape as your preferred digital mapping tree survey and Arboricultural database, this as part of a digital strategy will be instrumental in growing and expanding your Arboricultural business services.

Selecting the most effective digital tree mapping survey software is key when it comes to the operational management of your business, as your competitors are already likely to be researching or using tree a survey software to speed up and improve their tree survey delivery timeframes.

Choosing an Arboricultural software system that out-performs existing tree survey software systems and replaces conventional methods of recording tree survey data is why Mapscape is the professional choice for digital GPS tree mapping technology, to upgrade and future-proof your Arboricultural Surveying Business.

Mapscape is an Arboricultural Business Investment

When your researching switching from conventional methods of tree surveying or looking at upgrading your current system that only does some of what you would like it to do, then the first question to ask is: How good is the product?

Mapscape as developing business provides State-of-the-Art digital mapping and tree survey mapping technology, that has won support from the European Space Agency and Innovate UK Edge.

We are working towards enhanced innovation management capability and process linked to ISO 56000:2020 (Innovation Management) aimed at increasing business opportunities and growth.

Investment in Mapscape is an important step in ensuring your Arboricultural survey business direction is equipped to meet today’s evolving digital Arboricultural and Amenity Forestry marketplace.

Why not try it for Free for 30-Days with Customer Support every step of the way and see for yourself?

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