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Who require efficient technology for: tree safety inspections, BS 5837 tree surveys and tree management planning.

tree surveying with a tablet

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Tree surveying performance software

Mapscape offers an efficient tree management business application that brings together, comprehensive digital mapping and tree survey tap screen features to optimize consistent tree management framework productivity.

Developing digital services underpins economic growth by measurable benefits as a digital infrastructure processes tree survey data instantly, allowing time for better tree management.

Overcome your business challenges to replace labour intensive processes associated with producing tree survey site plans, tree reports, secure data storage, recalling site information and re-inspections.

The right tree management software choice

Imagine having electronic copies of all your site plans and tree survey information with you wherever you go, mirrored to your office PC and that’s safely backed up on the cloud.

Use Geospatial data to improve your tree survey services:

Digital Mapping – Great Britain Coverage

BS 5837 Tree Surveys.

Tree Condition & Tree Risk Assessment.

Our team works to ensure that no matter where you are in your ecommerce process, you’re supported and cared for.

tree management software

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tree management software

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Tree management evidence for decision making and climate policy

Trees improve soil quality, provide oxygen, screening, recreation, timber and play a critical role in temperature cooling with the benefit of adding value to land.

These woody living structures are home to a wealth of wildlife above and below ground and we only have to look around our homes, to see many paper and timber based products  we rely on day to day.

Trees like us are moving in to a time where  extreme wind, heat and rainfall weather conditions are on the increase, with damaging and devastating effects on soil, trees, property, businesses and peoples livelihoods.

Technology offers us many opportunities to improve tree management, where todays climatic considerations of tree species selection and their ability to survive through future weather conditions, are a necessary part of decision making and climate policy.


Accurate & Lightning Fast

Designed for reliable ease-of-use. Just download, install and its ready to use.


Talk in your Tree Survey

Unlock the power of your voice using
‘Speech to Text’ recognition technology.


GPS Tree Mapping

Configured to GPS / terrestrial mapping mobile phones for sub-metre tree plotting.


Secure Tree Survey Data Storage

Hosted on a secure server that transfers thousands of bytes of data per second.

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Tree management software that raises your skill set

Mapscape provides a comprehensive set of tree surveying tools that are easily operated and all work together on one screen.

The user interface is designed for practical use on site and in the office, to produce completed tree survey site plans and reports at speeds unachievable by human effort.

Makes easy work of importing DXF site plans, recording information, attaching photos, plotting tree positions and exporting completed site plans in a selection of industry formats.

Tree Mapping Survey Software

Tree surveying tap screen tools

When Mapscape opens on your Tablet or office PC, it is ready to use immediately. There are no time consuming settings tabs. You can start working straight away.

As part of Mapscape robust cyber-security processes, all data is safely secured and backed-up on a dedicated high performance external UK-based cloud server.

Import your Georeferenced DXF site plan to snap to its ground position or, if your DXF site plan is not Georeferenced? You can position it manually.

Using your Tablet camera, select a point on the mapping window and attach a site photo. When you hover over that point, a popup of the photo appears on the screen.

Using a digital stylus pen offers precision for, quick navigation, recording tree survey and is the preferred option when using gloves in the cold weather.

Tap in the tree diameter values and Mapscape will auto-calculate the RPA on the screen. You can adjust the initial RPA circle precisely using grips.

The BS 5837 Tree Survey tool asks you would you like to plot a Single or a Group of trees. The Group function enables tree group locations and tree group editing.

Mapscape is optimised for use with dual frequency GPS mobile phones, that can produce the position of the tree on the mapping window to an accuracy of +/- 300mm.

Mapscape is designed with a low technical support requirement. A unique system of on-screen help popups guides you through the various processes.  

Mapscape includes a powerful Secure Query Language (SQL) editable database to manage all your tree survey data, with calendar reminders for tree re-inspections.

Mapscape comes with an inbuilt DWG to DXF convertor. This tool makes importing site plans into the Mapscape mapping window a quick process.

Mapscape produces BS 5837 and Tree Condition reports in seconds, with all the information placed into the appropriate cells and with colour coding.

Security enhanced data protection

Mapscape works with a dedicated team of highly experienced IT professionals and Ordnance Survey partners.

Mapscape is hosted at a purpose-built UK-based data centre with enhanced security, connectivity, bandwidth, power and cooling systems in place, to run Mapscape at peak performance across a 4g network.

Arboricultural Management Systems

Securely recording tree survey information.

tree management software

Tree Software Management Tools  – click on image to expand

Business direction and growth

Customer demand across the Public and Private sector for tree management software has to-date established confidence in the product, formed new alliances and is now successfully engaging the right people and skillsets that are facilitating further growth and investment into the forthcoming release of Mapscape version-5 Ignite in 2022.

✔ Mapscape long-term growth is supported by the Innovate Edge UK – high growth program.

✔ In 2021 – Mapscape won placement on The GovTech Academy that is delivered by The Rain Gods Ltd and exists to support the expansion of innovation in government and the public sector.

✔ Mapscape sponsors The Association of Tree Officers (ATO) who represent the views and concerns of tree officers nationwide.