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Tree Management

Integrated Arboricultural Solutions

Complete all your Tree Services and related workflow in a seamless process, using your Smartphone or Tablet, synchronised to your office PC system or Laptop, where everything clicks-into-place for measurable increases in operational efficiency.

With a clean and modern design, Mapscape modules are designed for maximum efficiency and user satisfaction to ensure quick and accurate Tree Data workflow On and Offline.

Get Started Straight Away 

Enjoy the user-friendly digital mapping interface that’s ready for immediate use with no setup required  Mapscape is fully operational from the moment you log in.

Speed Up Delivery Times

From voice typing directly to your Smartphone, to saving hours using automated spreadsheets, Mapscape offers IT simplicity with enhanced precision and comprehensive Tree Management solutions.

A Collaborative Tree Mapping Platform 

Using a centralised Tree management digital mapping platform, multiple users can all work together on the same project, that can include sub-contractors and stakeholders for a more cohesive, productive and enjoyable Tree management environment.

More Productive Tree Management

Transforms Tree workflow into a more manageable, enjoyable and productive system that Integrates with Other Applications to meet the Tree management needs of your business or organisation.

Streamlining Tree Related Tasks

Replaces paper-based error-prone and time-consuming patchwork systems, with one reliable and scalable ‘Tree Lifecycle Management’ data collection and information transfer system. Streamlined workflow makes Tree Management processes smoother and more efficient.

Enjoy Better Team Dynamics

Upgrading to a Cloud-based system underpinned by ESRI technology enables better collaboration without geographical boundaries, making a more attractive working environment and attracting the best people to aid recruitment and retention.

Upgrading = Success Compatible

Upgrading your workflow to advanced Mapscape technology enhances day-to day Tree management operations, work processes, teamwork and value delivery.

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Mapscape - Tree Surveying on a Smartphone

Facilitates Remote Working

Work on the go without being tied
to any one specific physical location.


Voice Typing

Use your Mobile device microphone
to record site survey information.


Automatic Updates

ESRI managed software to ensure
the latest features and security patches.


Inventory Management

Cloud-based inventory management systems
enables quicker search and data transfer..